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The outdoor patio is nice ..
By AlexisP3821 on 03/19/2008
Best lunch bento box in upper NW. The outdoor patio is nice in warm weather.
a great restaurant
By PatrishaT0074 on 02/05/2008
With a choice of sitting indoors or out, it is a great restaurant to go to with friends, or with a special someone. The wait is generally not long, and the menu has a great selection of sushi and appetizers.
The sushi is delicious...
By desisweetie01 on 02/04/2008
The sushi is delicious and affordable and the outdoor seating is great in the summertime.
Excellent sushi!
By CreativeG9465 on 01/12/2008
Excellent sushi! If people from the Japanese embassy eat there, you know it has to be good!
it defiantly has a great food and fantastic menu.
By KunLee on 08/17/2007
It may not fancy looking restaurant like from NY but it defiantly has a great food and fantastic menu. My wife loved the pictures so we dont have to ask what other people are eating. After one dinner from that restaurant, I couldn't go any other cheap sushi place for a month. I highly recommend trying Omasaki(not sure if it is correct spelling but you will know) from menu, and you will know what real sushi or sashimi supposed to taste like it..
The Best Food in the District
By 1472kevin on 05/04/2007
Wonderful atmosphere, excellent service and the best Sushi I have ever had the pleasure to eat. My favorite above all else is the Lobster Tempura! Do your belly a favor and have a meal there.
Best Japanese food in DC.
By yooho71 on 09/29/2006
We have sushi and sasami Omakase prepared by one of the Japanese chef and it was one of the best sushi I had in longtime. If you are in to sushi, you should check it out. Also, check out the patio, very nice.

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